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Ruined Orgasm Report

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ruined orgasm by Mistress Anne TittouI asked one of my submissives to report on his first experience of a ruined orgasm. Of which he successful achieved in doing via a remote, online domination scenario. That’s correct, I will control your mind and body from afar… Read on for slave c’s ruined orgasm report.

“As a naïve trainee, i didn’t actually know what a ‘ruined orgasm’ was and so watching Your video explaining what You wanted me to do was quite eye opening. i knew it would require a high level of self-control in order to do this as the temptation to go all the way and experience the pleasure would be hard to resist.

In a face to face session, i guess it’s easier as i would be restrained in some way and at Your mercy. Remotely, this is entirely down to my desire to fulfil Your wishes and it added to my impression that this is almost the ultimate sign of devotion as i stop something of great pleasure to me at the request of Yourself.

Eager to see what it would be like, i made myself comfortable on my bed and re-listened to Your instructions. In person, i always struggle to not to show my arousal around You and so gazing upon Your stunning figure resulted in an immediate ability to start edging myself. Stroking my now erect cock and allowing myself to recall past sessions, i found myself having to concentrate unbelievably hard to recognise movements and reactions within my groin.

i was determined to do as instructed by You and this almost heightened the pleasure as i was intensely aware of every stroke across my skin. i found myself close on several occasions to erupting, but i stopped and breathed in deeply until i was under control again whilst listening to Your instructions not to cum until i was almost crying to do so.

At the tenth time of bringing myself to the edge, i know that i wasn’t going to be able to hold myself back this time. At this realisation, i took my hands away and placed them at my sides to obey Your clear instructions. i watched as the cum leaked out of my throbbing member. It lacked the normal euphoria associated with an orgasm and yet there was a highly pleasurable wave of contentment that i had done as instructed by You and almost given You my orgasm.

It was an amazing feeling and, in one sense, better than an orgasm. Thank You for introducing me to it!”

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