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OVERNIGHT EXPERIENCE with Mistress Alexia & Miss Anne Tittou

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Overnight Experience with Mistress Alexia and Miss Anne Tittou

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Sensual, to strict and sadistic, to the full use of well equipped private dungeon.

7pm – 7am (flexible)

We would usually start your experience with a servitude, where you take Us out to dinner, or bring some nibbles and serve to Us at the dungeon, followed by, for example, foot bath, foot massage and foot worship, or sort of slave/maid/butler/domestic servitude.

We will tease you, and make you perform small tasks for Our amusement (very discreet when in public). You will suffer for Our pleasure.

After this initial introduction, and getting to now each other, the real and exciting fun will begin. Sensuous to erotic, or cruel and sadistic, or a mixture of all to keep you on your toes, and push you to your limits.

We welcome, and also expect toilet servitude throughout our liaison (negotiable) – a real treat for toilet bois into full toilet training, but not only.

We offer the following packages:

  • Classic overnight experience – £1200 (10hrs with up to 4hrs total playtime)
  • VIP overnight experience – £1600 (12hrs with up to 6hrs total playtime)

The experience is not limited only to overnight booking, we are happy to accommodate daytime play as well, or longer bookings.

Please make initial contact by email only. Be very polite, and clearly state your name, age and nationality. You should also state a full, detailed, honest, and frank account of your levels of experience, and depths of interests.

Note that this offer runs for a limited period of time.

Day and time restrictions apply.

50% non-negotiable, and non-refundable deposit is essential.

Advanced bookings.



Current availability: **
– Friday 20th May – evening/overnight only
– Saturday 21st May – evening/overnight only
– Sunday 22nd May – daytime/overnight
– Tuesday 24th May – daytime/overnight
– Wednesday 25th May – daytime/overnight

** Subject to changes

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